Acupuncture and Needles

The question that I hear most often when people inquire about acupuncture is “Do the needles hurt?” Many people decide that they couldn’t possibly lie on a table with needles in them in spite of the many benefits that they hear about from others. After all, it would be great to help their migraines, digestion, experience less stress in their life, but they can’t get past those needles.

About those needles….

Acupuncture needles are hair thin and bear no resemblance to hypodermic needles. In fact, 40 acupuncture needles could fit inside one hypodermic needle. If acupuncture needles hurt as much as the needles used in western medicine, acupuncture would not have the popularity that it has today.

The experience of acupuncture is actually the opposite of what most people think. Instead of pain, it is extremely relaxing. Many people fall asleep or rest comfortably while on the table. And most people do not even feel the insertion of the needles. They relax after a couple of needles are in and are quite happy when their pain disappears and they feel happier and healthier after their treatment! Many children and even babies are easily treated without pain.