Acupuncture: It’s much more than you think:

 Many people come to acupuncture for a specific pain issue. They are pleasantly surprised to find that acupuncture can improve their health in many more ways.

1.     It will lower your stress levels. Stress can affect every aspect of our lives from the physical to the emotional. Acupuncture calms the nervous system which in turn will help you cope better with the stresses and struggles of day to day life.

2.     It will help you sleep better. Getting a good night’s sleep plays a very important part in our health. The reasons for insomnia can be many. Most patients report that they sleep much better with treatments.

3.     It will strengthen your immune system. By increasing your immunity, you are much less likely to become sick and if you do, the severity and length will be lessened.

4.     It will decrease your pain.  Pain has many components and a large part of chronic pain is emotional. Acupuncture not only helps to decrease and eliminate pain, but it also releases endorphins in the system that aid the patient in recovery in a holistic manner.

 5.     It will boost your energy. There are many reasons as to why our energy gets depleted. Most patients of acupuncture report increased energy and interest for days after their treatment.

 6.     It will help your patience. We all find our patience tested in our busy worlds. Whether we have children or are coping with a stressful job or relationship, acupuncture will increase your patience so that you can step back and avoid reacting to situations. Your mood will be improved and you will find more harmony in your relationships.

 7.     It will give you more mental clarity. Many of us lead busy lives and it is difficult to stay clear and focused. Acupuncture can help you clear the brain fog, focus better and help you make better decisions.

 8.     Acupuncture gives you a general sense of well-being. Overall people who get acupuncture feel more positive about their lives and have an increased awareness of what surrounds them. When our awareness is increased, it is easier to figure out why we might not be feeling well and how we can correct it and move forward.