The case for wellness

Our world is full of information on how to stay well and prevent sickness.  Articles, books and shows speak about eating well, getting exercise, getting enough sleep as well as not smoking and limiting our drinking. Big businesses bring in coaches to speak to their employees about how to alleviate stress and stay well on a day to day basis.

This is where acupuncture comes in.

Acupuncture is an investment in your health. It is a preventative medicine as well as an aid to the healing process once you are sick. We understand that it makes sense to take care of our health before the small problems turn into large ones. Acupuncture can keep the small problems small so there are fewer visits to the doctor’s office and fewer medications and/or surgeries. If there is a chronic problem, acupuncture can lessen the pain and help each patient heal sooner rather than later. It is far easier to take precautionary steps and keep ourselves well rather than intervene down the road.

Treat the root of the problem

 When a person is ill, western medicine can treat the symptoms with medicine so that the patient can get better. Western medicine will treat a respiratory problem with drugs or treat a cough with a suppressant so that the patient gets better. Acupuncture will go to the root of the problem and build up the “lung qi” of the individual so that they are not nearly as susceptible to infections. In other words, it will build up the immunity of the lungs as well as the entire person so that getting sick is much less likely. Many of my patients find that their overall health improves on a day to day basis and if they do get sick, the severity and length of the illness is shortened.

Acupuncture treats the whole person, building the immune system, diminishing stress and supporting the individual to lead a healthier life style.